Jian Luo

Jian Luo


My research interests include ASR, Talking Face.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • ASR
  • Talking Face


  1. Dynamic Alignment Mask CTC: Improved Mask-CTC with Aligned Cross Entropy (2023) In ICASSP2023 (CCF-B)
  2. Tiny-Sepformer: A Tiny Time-Domain Transformer Network For Speech Separation, (2022), †First Author, In INTERSPEECH2022 (CCF-C)
  3. Adaptive Activation Network for Low Resource Multilingual Speech Recognition, (2022), †First Author, In IJCNN2022 (CCF-C)
  4. Speech Augmentation Based Unsupervised Learning for Keyword Spotting, (2022), †First Author, In IJCNN2022 (CCF-C)
  5. Dropout Regularization for Self-Supervised Learning of Transformer Encoder Speech Representation, (2021), †First Author, In INTERSPEECH2021 (CCF-C)
  6. Loss Prediction: End-to-End Active Learning Approach For Speech Recognition, (2021), †First Author, In IJCNN2021 (CCF-C)
  7. Cross-Language Transfer Learning and Domain Adaptation for End-to-End Automatic Speech Recognition, (2021), †First Author, In ICME2021 (CCF-B)
  8. Unidirectional Memory-Self-Attention Transducer for Online Speech Recognition, (2021), †First Author, In ICASSP2021 (CCF-B)
  9. End-To-End Silent Speech Recognition with Acoustic Sensing, (2021), †First Author, In SLT2021
  10. Multi-Quartznet: Multi-Resolution Convolution for Speech Recognition with Multi-Layer Feature Fusion, (2021), †First Author, In SLT2021
  11. MLNET: An Adaptive Multiple Receptive-Field Attention Neural Network for Voice Activity Detection (2020) In INTERSPEECH2020 (CCF-C)