Yifu Sun

Yifu Sun

Fudan University

Yifu Sun interned at PAT in 2023. His primary research interests include music emotion recognition, deep learning. During his internship, he focused on music emotion recognition and authored a publication presented at interspeech 2023.

  • Music Emotion Recognition


  1. Machine Unlearning Methodology base on Stochastic Teacher Network (2023) In ADMA2023 (CCF-C)
  2. Investigation of Music Emotion Recognition Based on Segmented Semi-Supervised Learning, (2023), †First Author, In INTERSPEECH2023 (CCF-C)
  3. Investigation of Singing Voice Separation for Singing Voice Detection in Polyphonic Music, (2022), †First Author, In CSMT2022 (Best Paper Award)
  4. Singer Identification Using Deep Timbre Feature Learning with KNN-NET (2021) In ICASSP2021 (CCF-B)