Zhen Zeng

Zhen Zeng


My research interests include TTS, Voice Conversion.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • TTS
  • Voice Conversion


  1. TGAVC: Improving Autoencoder Voice Conversion with Text-Guided and Adversarial Training (2021) In ASRU2021
  2. LVCNet: Efficient Condition-Dependent Modeling Network for Waveform Generation, (2021), †First Author, In ICASSP2021 (CCF-B)
  3. GraphPB: Graphical Representations of Prosody Boundary in Speech Synthesis (2021) In SLT2021
  4. MelGlow: Efficient Waveform Generative Network Based On Location-Variable Convolution, (2021), †First Author, In SLT2021
  5. Prosody Learning Mechanism for Speech Synthesis System Without Text Length Limit, (2020), †First Author, In INTERSPEECH2020 (CCF-C)
  6. Aligntts: Efficient Feed-Forward Text-to-Speech System Without Explicit Alignment, (2020), †First Author, In ICASSP2020 (CCF-B)
  7. GraphTTS: Graph-to-Sequence Modelling in Neural Text-to-Speech (2020) In ICASSP2020 (CCF-B)