A Fair Federated Learning Framework With Reinforcement Learning


Federated learning (FL) is a paradigm where many clients collaboratively train a model under the coordination of a central server, while keeping the training data locally stored. However, heterogeneous data distributions over different clients remain a challenge to mainstream FL algorithms, which may cause slow convergence, overall performance degradation and unfairness of performance across clients. To address these problems, in this study we propose a reinforcement learning framework, called PG-FFL, which automatically learns a policy to assign aggregation weights to clients. Additionally, we propose to utilize Gini coefficient as the measure of fairness for FL. More importantly, we apply the Gini coefficient and validation accuracy of clients in each communication round to construct a reward function for the reinforcement learning. Our PG-FFL is also compatible to many existing FL algorithms. We conduct extensive experiments over diverse datasets to verify the effectiveness of our framework. The experimental results show that our framework can outperform baseline methods in terms of overall performance, fairness and convergence speed.

International Joint Conference on Neural Networks
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Shijing Si
Shijing Si