MetaSpeech: Speech Effects Switch Along with Environment for Metaverse

The framework of environment effect conversion


Metaverse expands the physical world to a new dimension, and the physical environment and Metaverse environment can be directly connected and entered. Voice is an indispensable communication medium in the real world and Metaverse. Fusion of the voice with environment effects is important for user immersion in Metaverse. In this paper, we proposed using the voice conversion based method for the conversion of target environment effect speech. The proposed method was named MetaSpeech, which introduces an environment effect module containing an effect extractor to extract the environment information and an effect encoder to encode the environment effect condition, in which gradient reversal layer was used for adversarial training to keep the speech content and speaker information while disentangling the environmental effects. From the experiment results on the public dataset of LJSpeech with four environment effects, the proposed model could complete the specific environment effect conversion and outperforms the baseline methods from the voice conversion task.

In 18th International Conference on Mobility, Sensing and Networking
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Ning Cheng
Ning Cheng