FedET: A Communication-Efficient Federated Class-Incremental Learning Framework Based on Enhanced Transformer

Simple FedET scenario when performing incremental learning


Federated Learning (FL) has been widely con- cerned for it enables decentralized learning while ensuring data privacy. However, most existing methods unrealistically assume that the classes en- countered by local clients are fixed over time. Af- ter learning new classes, this assumption will make the model’s catastrophic forgetting of old classes significantly severe. Moreover, due to the limi- tation of communication cost, it is challenging to use large-scale models in FL, which will affect the prediction accuracy. To address these chal- lenges, we propose a novel framework, Federated Enhanced Transformer (FedET), which simulta- neously achieves high accuracy and low commu- nication cost. Specifically, FedET uses Enhancer, a tiny module, to absorb and communicate new knowledge, and applies pre-trained Transformers combined with different Enhancers to ensure high precision on various tasks. To address local for- getting caused by new classes of new tasks and global forgetting brought by non-i.i.d class imbal- ance across different local clients, we proposed an Enhancer distillation method to modify the im- balance between old and new knowledge and re- pair the non-i.i.d. problem. Experimental re- sults demonstrate that FedET’s average accuracy on representative benchmark datasets is 14.1% higher than the state-of-the-art method, while FedET saves 90% of the communication cost compared to the previous method.

In 2023 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
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