CONTUNER: Singing Voice Beautifying with Pitch and Expressiveness Condition

Architecture of CONTUNER


Singing voice beautifying is a novel task that has application value in people’s daily life, aiming to correct the pitch of the singing voice and improve the expressiveness without changing the original timbre and content. Existing methods rely on paired data or only concentrate on the correction of pitch. However, professional songs and amateur songs from the same person are hard to obtain, and singing voice beautifying doesn’t only contain pitch correction but other aspects like emotion and rhythm. Since we propose a fast and high-fidelity singing voice beautifying system called ConTuner, a diffusion model combined with the modified condition to generate the beautified Mel-spectrogram, where the modified condition is composed of optimized pitch and expressiveness. For pitch correction, we establish a mapping relationship from MIDI, spectrum envelope to pitch. To make amateur singing more expressive, we propose the expressiveness enhancer in the latent space to convert amateur vocal tone to professional. ConTuner achieves a satisfactory beautification effect on both Mandarin and English songs. Ablation study demonstrates that the expressiveness enhancer and generator-based accelerate method in ConTuner are effective.

In 2024 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks
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Pengcheng Li
Pengcheng Li
University of Science and Technology of China
Ning Cheng
Ning Cheng