EmoTalker: Emotionally Editable Talking Face Generation via Diffusion Model

The overall framework of EmoTalker


In recent years, the field of talking faces generation has attracted considerable attention, with certain methods adept at generating virtual faces that convincingly imitate human expressions. However, existing methods face challenges related to limited generalization, particularly when dealing with challenging identities. Furthermore, methods for editing expressions are often confined to a singular emotion, failing to adapt to intricate emotions. To overcome these challenges, this paper proposes EmoTalker, an emotionally editable portraits animation approach based on the diffusion model. EmoTalker modifies the denoising process to ensure preservation of the original portrait’s identity during inference. To enhance emotion comprehension from text input, Emotion Intensity Block is introduced to analyze fine-grained emotions and strengths derived from prompts. Additionally, a crafted dataset is harnessed to enhance emotion comprehension within prompts. Experiments show the effectiveness of EmoTalker in generating high-quality, emotionally customizable facial expressions.

In 2024 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing
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Bingyuan Zhang
Bingyuan Zhang
University of Science and Technology of China
Ning Cheng
Ning Cheng