Botao Zhao

Botao Zhao


Botao Zhao has graduated from the Fudan University with a master degree. His research fields mainly include speaker verification,large audio model, text to speech, and deep learning.

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  1. Cross-grained Contrastive Representation for Unsupervised Lesion Segmentation in Medical Images (2023) In ICCV2023 (CCF-A)
  2. nnSpeech: Speaker-Guided Conditional Variational Autoencoder for Zero-Shot Multi-speaker text-to-speech (2022) In ICASSP2022 (CCF-B)
  3. Denoising of 3D MR Images Using a Voxel-Wise Hybrid Residual MLP-CNN Model to Improve Small Lesion Diagnostic Confidence (2022) In MICCAI2022 (CCF-B)
  4. AUCseg: An Automatically Unsupervised Clustering Toolbox for 3D-Segmentation of High-Grade Gliomas in Multi-Parametric MR Images (2021) In Front. Oncol. (IF=5.74)