Yong Zhang

Yong Zhang


My research interests include Speaker Verification, etc.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • NLP


  1. Superfiltering: Weak-to-Strong Data Filtering for Fast Instruction-Tuning (2024) In ACL2024 (CCF-A)
  2. Enhancing Emotion Prediction and Recognition in Conversation through Fine-Grained Emotional Cue Analysis and Cross-Modal Fusion (2024) In ICIC2024 (CCF-C)
  3. EAD-VC: Enhancing Speech Auto-Disentanglement for Voice Conversion with IFUB Estimator and Joint Text-Guided Consistent Learning (2024) In IJCNN2024 (CCF-C)
  4. MAIN-VC: Lightweight Speech Representation Disentanglement for One-Shot Voice Conversion (2024) In IJCNN2024 (CCF-C)
  5. QLSC: A Query Latent Semantic Calibrator for Robust Extractive Question Answering (2024) In IJCNN2024 (CCF-C)
  6. From Quantity to Quality: Boosting LLM Performance with Self-Guided Data Selection for Instruction Tuning (2024) In NAACL2024 (CCF-B)
  7. Leveraging Biases in Large Language Models: bias-kNN for Effective Few-Shot Learning, (2024), †First Author, In ICASSP2024 (CCF-B)
  8. PRCA: Fitting Black-Box Large Language Models for Retrieval Question Answering via Pluggable Reward-Driven Contextual Adapter (2023) In EMNLP2023 (CCF-B)
  9. Boosting Chinese ASR Error Correction with Dynamic Error Scaling Mechanism (2023) In INTERSPEECH2023 (CCF-C)
  10. Prompt Guided Copy Mechanism for Conversational Question Answering, (2023), †First Author, In INTERSPEECH2023 (CCF-C)
  11. Self-Attention for Incomplete Utterance Rewriting, (2022), †First Author, In ICASSP2022 (CCF-B)